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3 best steps to have happy feet

Everyone wants to have happy feet right?who doesn’t want?
We try hard to get our feet clean and to look beautiful.We spend so much to get our feet done clean.

But we can do this in our home with the things easily available.


yes!!here are the 3 best steps to have happy feet.

1.Never walk around in bare feet even at home(except on beach or grass).
Always choose slippers with a slight elevation to protect your feet from direct impacts or damage.

2.Your feet do so much for you.Return the favour with a homemade scrub made with oatmeal and jojoba oil.
Leave the mixture on and rub gently with a pumice stone or brush.
Wash with warm water and moisture.

3.Soften your tootsies in a warm footbath with 1/2 cup bath salt,
1 tbsp baking soda,
2 drops of fresh lemon juice and
sandalwood or olive oil.
Soak them for 20 minutes and put dry.

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Follow this with a good foot cream at bedtime,daily.
Your toes will wake up happy the next morning.

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