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5 best tips to make your children to do homework

 When it comes to children homework,all parents sings the same line ‘my children doesn’t do homework on their own,How much we have to struggle to make them to finish the homework.’

There are lot many parents like this..


There is saying that ‘our home environment decides a child’s future’. So most important is we have to keep our home environment in right way.
So to overcome children’s homework problem,here are the simple 5 steps:
1.Set proper timings:
Set proper timings for your children to do their daily homework.You prepare them mentally and offcourse physically for that particular timings.
2.You set a particular place for them.
You set a particular and proper place for them to do homework..Make sure there are no disturbances mainly from TV and Mobiles. Set a particular place for your children only for study purpose..Make sure it is clean and bright.And of course it must be attractive,so that your children are happy to study.
3.Set Environment:
Switch off TV,Mobiles and radio during your children’s  homework time..So that children doesn’t get distracted and disturbed and can concentrate on their studies.
Encouragement for children in today’s life is very important.
When they say they cannot finish homework,do not do by yourself. Instead encourage them to finish by telling ‘nothing is impossible in this world’.
5.Don’t forget to praise:
Do not forget to praise your children when they finished off their homework completely and studies well.
And the last thing Don’t compare your children with others..Every child is gifted with their own ability..Encourage them to go in right way and in right path.
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