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5 mistakes should avoid in life to lead happy life

We do mistakes,we suffer for doing mistakes.These happens,because we are humans.

So here are the 5 major mistakes.Just avoid these,and lead a happy life
Try these out and see.

1)Money matters a lot.
Doing things which are illegal is considered as crime.People say ‘money is everything’. But those kind of people never succeed in their life.We shouldn’t go behind those kind of illegal things.We can succeed in work only if we are interested in that work.

If we go behind money,we may get money but not happiness.
So money is not everything.

2)Reading only other’s stories.
We need success,victory.For that we read other’s success stories.

We think only what other people do.Instead if we think what we can do,we will succeed in our life one or the other day.The day should come where people have to read our success story.
One thing we have to know is ‘Every dog has a day’.

3)Fate is not good.
Some people think only about fate.If something bad happens for a day,its only for that particular day.It doesn’t continue for next day.

But some people think only about fate which brings negativity within us.Every human will be having one or the other problems.But most people think that only they are having problems which doesn’t have solution.But its not true.

If we leave those kind of negative feeling,we can create positive environment around us.

4)Perfect time should come.
We think perfect time should come for us.And we keep waiting for that.But there is nothing like perfect time.

Each day,each time is a good time.It depends on us how we going to take that.We should create that perfect time by our self. If we keep waiting for that perfect time,it will never come.

5)Life changes within a single night.
There are people who thinks ‘If i am going to win,that is only today or else i am not going to win forever’.But it is false.

Nothing will happen in a single day.Every successful man will be having great story behind that success, which had taken lot many days,and years.

A movie will not become hit in a single day.There will efforts and struggles of lot many people behind it.

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