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5 must know steps followed by celebrities to stay healthy and fit

Who doesn’t want to have a body like models or celebrities? Everybody is curious to know about their food habits and daily physical exercise. They try to keep their body fit and curvy even after 40(7 successful food habits over the age 40). To look pretty is not an easy job. We have to maintain proper balance between beauty and health.

So here are the 5 steps that most of the celebrities will follow to maintain balance between beauty and health.Then why to wait? ,just try these and see

1. Drink plenty of water:
Drink plenty of water as much as you can in a day. To avoid dehydration in our body, one has to drink litres of water a day. So it helps to put toxic things out of our body. Water gives clear and healthy skin.By drinking less water, toxic things remain in our body which will lead to diseases.

2.Meditation for peaceful mind:
To avoid frustration meditation is helpful. To become mentally strong, one has to follow mediation. By this one can put their mental and physical stress out. Breathing which is also a part of meditation influences on thinking capacity and physical activity of a man.

3. Good food:
Its good to have fruits and vegetables in large quantity. Its better have it before lunch and dinner. Our body absorbs the food we intake very fastly. So have good food when you are hungry. Keep yourself away from junk food. By this one can avoid becoming fat.

4. Exercise is first:
Exercising reduces fat contained in our body.
Exercising kills unnecessary calories from our body.
If our body weight is proper, then body shape will also be proper.

5. Be happy always:
Be active in the work, which you like. May it be swimming, dancing,walking or whatever. It burns your more calories than working out in Jim. And also keeps your mind happy and your body fit.

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