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These 5 tips will bring your children out of gadgets

This is the world of Gadgets.Its very common to have smart phones,tabs,laptops in every home.

But if your children makes use of it more than you?Yes, many children uses smart phone for whole day by wasting their time.

Its a tough job for parents to get them out of gadgets.

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the life inspire-these 5 tips will bring your children out of gadgets

So here are the 5 tips which will bring your children out of gadgets.

1. Do not gift your children a gadget:For any reason,do not give your children Smartphones,tab as a gifts.

Let your children know those gadgets are are not needed in this small age.

2.Make restrictions:Restrict your children from surfing Internets. Do not allow them to use gadgets while having food,studying and while doing homework,playing.

3.Child mode:There will be options like child mode or kids mode in some smart phones.

This option avoids the children from operating smart phones.

4.Encourage them to cultivate good habits:Give them to read good books instead to use smart phones,tabs,laptops

Encourage them to cultivate some good habits which helps them to lead a healthy life.

5.You are the role model:Children learn by seeing you.There is a saying that ‘environment in which the child is bought up decides its future’.

so do not use smart phones at least while children are  in front of you.

Do not use gadgets in front of your children.

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