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5 successful activities to keep yourself active and healthy

Here is about the 5 best  activities that keep your day active and healthy.
Do you find lazy and drowsy once your day is been started,and got bored of daily routines?
Yes,its quite common in all people around..
So here are 5 best tips which keeps you active and healthy and to warm up your day.
1.Researches says that we need at least 45 to 50 min physical activities.
walking,cycling,aerobics,swimming,dancing any of these exercises has to be included in our daily routine.
Because of these activities endorphin level increases in our body and keeps our self happy.
It also increases self confidence  within us.Decreases body weight.
It protects our bones and heart against diseases and keeps us healthy.
2.By catching the sun rays  between 11 am to 3 pm ,increases vitamin’D’ content in our body.
3.By learning and doing Yoga and pranayama,increases mental and physical health and keeps us confident,fit and fine.
4.Make friendship with good friends and relatives and try to keep healthy relationships with them.It gives happiness and positive energy within us.
5.Always give importance towards your food intake,the amount of food you take,the quality of food you take.
Make sure your food contains more proteins and vitamins.
Hope all the above steps are useful..and keeps you healthy.