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6 Startup Tips for The Woman Entrepreneur: How to Succeed

As years go by, women-owned companies are only on the increase. These businesses are making a difference and providing jobs for other people.

Being a boss can prove to be quite challenging for women especially when the conventional demands on a wife and mother is added to the demands of starting up
a business.

Some other common challenges include;
1. Demotivational behavior and lack of respect in very practical industries.

2.Lack of self confidence in your own pitching skills which is essential in getting investors.
3.Feeling the need to represent male attributes for success.

4. Lack of a strong positive belief due to no past experience.

5.A large body of the investors are usually men


Women looking to start a business can draw inspiration from the following tips to be successful.

1.Discover your passion :Starting out a business is going to come with a lot of work to do especially in the beginning stages. This means you will be spending a lot of time with your work.
You definitely do not want to be stuck in an industry or niche that you don’t like.

In fact, you have to do more than like your business, you have to be passionate about it. Passion for your work will spark enthusiasm and interest your customers.

2.Make your business suitable to your personal goals: Your general picture of a fulfilling life should be your map for drawing out your business. If you desire freedom or an alternate financial source, you can get your desires and still be fulfilled by building it around your family or life goals.

Work part time or start out full scale depending on your overall goal.

3.Separate home from work life: To give the correct attention each part of your life deserves, you should set apart time for everything. Set specific hours for work and home time also considering time for emergencies on any part.

Train yourself to follow your set hours and refuse to compromise by sticking to it.

4.Welcome the use of technology:Allow technological advancements like auto responders and voicemail to work for you by not swamping yourself returning emails and phone calls all the time.
This will help you to keep to your separate home and work time.


5.Develop authentic connections:
The connections you make will be of immense value to your business because working alone can be a real chore.
Find a group or mentor to share your challenges and achievements with or join a professional body for expert support and resources.

6.Clarify your brand: Take great care to deliberately define what your brand is and what it stands for then stick to this definition.
Let everything you offer and do correspond with that image from packaging to color schemes. This is a message of constancy to your consumers so don’t deviate
from it.

Many challenges as well as rewards come with having your own business. Its time to embrace it all and make the most out of your life.

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