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 7 best natural steps to keep your skin glowing

There are many natural ways to keep your skin glowing through out the day.Here are 7 best natural steps to keep your skin glowing and beautiful:

glowing skin

Wash your face with cold water:
Cleanliness is very important for your glowing skin.Wash your face at least for two times a day.
It is also not good to wash your face many times a day.It damages your skin.Because there is a chance of going natural oil from your skin.Wash your face with cold water after cleansing.

Use sunscreen lotion:
Use sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from outside pollution.Consult the skin specialist for sunscreen lotion.Use the sunscreen lotion which is having SPF-20 or with more good contents.It protects the skin attacking directly from the UV rays.

Drink more and more water:
Drink more water if you want to have glowing skin.It puts the toxic thing outside our body. Have water more than 6-7 glasses a daily.Also drink green tea (here are benefits of having green tea), fruit juice between this.

Sufficient sleep:
Sleep is also necessary for your glowing skin.Sleep at least 6-7 hours daily.It avoids dark circles and wrinkles from your skin.

Keep your stress away:
Stress affects your skin very badly.It increases the cortisol hormone in our body which increases the stress.It also increases the dark spots in our skin and keeps us lazy.So practice Yoga and keep your stress away.

Oil massage to your hair:
For this winter,oil massaging is best choice for your hair. Dont forget to keep hair oil with you,while you are going away from home for many days.

Apply hair oil for alternate days.It avoids the dryness from your hair.By doing this you can avoid the damage causing your hair in winter.

Exfoliation is needed:
Dry cells damages you skin badly.It makes your skin look pale.Exfoliate your face at least for three times in a week.You can do this by using the things which are easily available at your home.
Use lemon juice and sugar.It makes your skin soft and also gives radiation to your skin.It also removes marks from your skin.

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