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cooking and food

yummy diwali rice balls

its nice to celebrate diwali with crackers…and also taste this yummy rice balls which can be prepared easily…its a famous south indian dish..the flavour of jaggery,coconut,ghee you get from this is so tasty…just tyr it out


rice flour 1 cup
water 1(1/2) cup
little salt
jaggery half cup
grated coconut 1 cup
ghee 4 spoon
cardamom powder 1 spoon

keep a vessel on stove.add water.let it boil …when it is boiled add rice flour…and stir properly…make sure knots are not formed….let the flour boiled properly..
now takeout the vessel and put this flour mixture on some plate…let it cool..
now add grated coconut  and cardamom powder to this flour…
now make this flour mixture like chapati dough..make a vowel shapes(of what size you need) and keep aside.

now keep cooker on stove…add 2 cups of water to it…keep a ring on this water…keep the balls which are made from flour mixture in a plate on this ring..make sure rice balls are kept properly…let it boil properly…wait for 15 min..
now take away the vessel…serve hot with jaggery and ghee


Tasty,healthy,simple hibiscus juice

Hibiscus juice is good for health

  • The juice is popular as a natural diuretic, it contains vitamin C and minerals, and is used traditionally as a mild medicine.
  • consuming hibiscus juice lowers blood pressure.
  • The roots are used to make various concoctions believed to cure ailments such as cough, hair loss or hair greying.
  • As a hair treatment, the flowers are boiled in oil along with other spices to make a medicated hair oil.
  • The leaves and flowers are ground into a fine paste with a little water, and the resulting lathery paste is used as a shampoo plus conditioner…
  • its easy to prepare…just try it out.
Time required to prepare-10 min


Red hibiscus flower-10
sugar 4 table spoon
lemon juice half table spoon
water 2 glass
little salt
  • add two glasses of water to a vessel and keep it on stove.when the water boils,add hibiscus flower petals and allow it to leave all its take it out from stove.filter only juice..throw off the waste petals.
  • Now add lemon juice,sugar,salt to filtered juice..allow this to cool.if you want refrigerate for 10 min and drink.


Hot,spicy,tasty,healthy idikadale(chick peas) palya


idikadale(chick peas) 1 cup
onion 1
garlic 1
green chilly 4
tomato 1
capsicum 1
grated coconut 2 table spoon
salt as much you need
mustard seeds 1 table spoon
sambar leaves 5
lemonjuice 2 table spoon
coriander leaves
cooking oil 4 table spoon

Rinse idikale for two days with water.
after 2 days take off idikadale(chick peas) from water..
now take  a vessel.keep it on stove.add cooking oil,when its become hot add mustard seeds,sambar leaves,garlic,onion and stir.
when onion turns little brown add tomato and green chilly and stir well,now add capsicum,idikadale(chick peas) and stir well.Allow this to boil for few min.if you add water to boil properly.
once everything is boiled properly add salt,coconut,lemon juice and stir well.add coriander leaves and allow to boil for five min.
now hot,spicy,tasty,healthy idikadale(chick peas) palya is ready to have!!!

serve this hot with dosa,rotti,rice..

this chickpeas(idikadale) is very healthy food


Hot and tasty bitter gourd(hagalakai) palya

bitter gourd 1(which is sliced)
butter milk 3 big cups
onion half
grated coconut half small cup
garlic 4 pieces
jeera/cumin seeds 5 seeds
turmeric 1 spoon
tamarind juice 2 spoon
coriander powder 1
chilly powder 3 spoons
jaggery as much you need
salt as much you need

for tampering:
cooking oil 3 spoons
garlic 4 pieces
onion half
mustard seed 1 spoon
jaggery as much you need
red chilly 4

Soak bitter gourd in butter milk for a day.after 1 day take out the bittergourd slices.
keep this on stove in a vessel with 2 cups water.let bittergourd boil fully till water keep this aside.
In a mixi jar take coconut,onion,garlic,turmeric,tamarind,chilly powder,coriander powder,jeera,little water and grind well.keep this content aside for later use.
now take a vessel,keep on stove,add oil,mustard seeds,onion,red chilly,garlic and stir well..till onion turns golden add bitterguard and stir well.
Add grinded coconut content and stir well..
now add jaggery and salt as much you need.stir.
leave for ten min.
now hot,yummy,tasty bitterguard palya is ready to have!!!!
serve this hot with  akki rotti,chapathi or rice.


Simple and tasty cornflour halwa

cornflour 2tablespoon
water 1 cup
sugar 1 cup
ghee half cup
dry grapes and cashew 3 table spoon
cardamom powder 1 table spoon

Take a mixing vessel.Add cornflour,water,sugar.Beat well. Make sure no lumps are formed.
Add this mixture in vessel and keep on stove.
Keep stiring till  cornflour forms a layer and starts leaving vessel.Now add ghee and stir well.
Now add grapes and cashew(which is tampered in ghee before)
add cardamom powder and stir well.
Pour this mixture on a wide plate which is applied with ghee.
leave it to cool.


Now tasty cornflour halwa is ready to have!!!!!!simple and tasty semige/vermicelli payasa

semige 1 cup
ghee half cup
dry grapes-10
sugar-half cup
cardamom powder-1 spoon
milk 2 cups
coconut milk 1 cup(grind coconut,filter coconut milk in it into vessel)

add 2 spoons of ghee to pan and keep on stove.Add semige to this and fry till it turns golden brown.once it is done keep aside.
now take pan.put little ghee.Add cashew and grapes to this.fry till it turns golden keep this aside.
now take  a vessel.put fried semige,milk to this and stir.make sure there are no knots in it,keep stiring.once semige is boilde add coconut milk,cashew and grapes(fried),sugar and stir well.
now add ghee and stir add cardamon powder.
now payasa is ready to have!!!


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hurali kaalu(Horse gram dal) curry

cup hurali kaalu(Horse gram dal) (soaked overnight)
1 spoon chilly powder
lemon size tamarind, soaked in hot water.
2 spoons cooking oil or coconut oil
1 tsp mustard seeds
10  sambar(curry) leaves(Kari bevina soppu)
1 garlic
1 small small onion
5 red chilies
5 red chilies
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1 spoon butter or cheese(optional)

  • Soak horse gram (hurali) overnight. Pressure cook for 4 whistles by adding 5 cups of water.The liquid has a dark brown chocolate color.
  • Strain the liquid and keep it separate. remove the cooked horse gram.we wont use this cooked horse gram for curry.
  •  so if you want you can use this cooked horse gram to do some other dish or give it for cows or throw it away.
  • Now you have only extracted liquid from cooked horse gram.keep this liquid in a vessel on a stove,if you feel liquid is more thick add a cup of water and boil for ten min,now add salt and chilly powder,tamarind juice and boil for ten min.keep this aside.
  • Now take a separate vessel,keep this on stove.add 2 spoon of cooking oil or coconut oil(it will be more tasty),when it is heated add a spoon of mustard seeds,
  • when it is burnt add 10 sambar leaves,cumin seeds,garlic,onion,red chillies.when onion turns golden brown add this content to already prepared horse gram liquid.if you want you can add a spoon of butter or cheese at the end while serving.
serve this hot for rice or akki rotti. This dish will be very tasty famous in south India



hot and spicy colocasia leaves(kesuvina soppu) palya

colocasia leaves 15(available in vegetable shops)
green chilly-5
cooking oil-2 table spoon
mustard seeds
red chilly-5
cumin seeds-10
pepper powder-1 table spoon
grated coconut-5 table spoon(option)
  • clean the colocasia leaves,cut the leaves as shown in the image.
  • now keep a vessel on stove,add the colocasia leaves,add little water,salt and allow to boil.
  • when the leaves are boiled properly add green chilly,tamarind,cumin seeds,pepper powder and allow to boil.
  • now in another vessel add oil,mustard seeds,red chilly,onion,garlic,cumin seeds.stir this,when onion turns golden brown add this mixture to boiled leaves mixture which is prepared and allow to boil for 5 min.
  • now the hot and spicy palya is ready to have
  • this palya is a famous south Indian dish and its very easy to prepare.
  • you can have this with rotti,chapati,rice etc


Home made cake easy recipe

you can prepare this cake in ten need of oven.sure children are going to love it.
1 cup of eggs(any no of eggs that must fill a cup)
1 cup of maida
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of butter
half table spoon baking soda
half table spoon salt
take a vessel which is little wide.
add 1 cup of eggs,1 cup of maida,1 cup of sugar,1 cup of butter,half table spoon baking soda powder,half table spoon salt.
blend this mixture nicely with blender or in hand.
when blending is done with,keep this in a stove.close the vessel on stove and close the top with plate.keep firewood pieces on this plate.allow it to after ten min.
now yummy cake is ready to have.

spicy recipe for soya(soyabean pulao)


cooking oil 5 table spoon
onion 1
garlic 1
tomato 1
cloves 5
cinnamon-5 small pieces
green chilly 6
ginger garlic paste 1 table spoon
coriander powder 1 table spoon
red chilly powder 1 table spoon
coriander leaves
pudina leaves
soya bean 25
rice 1 cup
Water 2 cups
2 table spoon ghee


  • Rinse soya bean in water for 15 min.
  • Keep cooker on stove.Add oil,garlic,onion,tomato,green chilly and stir.when it turns golden brown add cloves and cinnamon and stir.
  • now add ginger garlic paste,stir.Then add soyabean and stir.smell of it must go.Then add salt(quantity you need).Now add rice and stir well.Now add two cups of water,stir.Add coriander powder,red chilly powder,stir.
  • Add coriander leaves,pudhina leaves and little ghee stir and leave for two min.When bubbles starts coming,close it with cooker lid and put whistle.
  • when you get 3 whistles turn off stove.
  • open lid after 10 min.

Spicy,yummy soyabean pulao is ready to have!!!

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jack fruit recipe(mulka)

very easy yummy dish can be done in 10 min.
jack fruit
  • rinse rice in water for 15 min.
  • take jack fruit and rinsed rice and grind it in mixer without adding water.if you want more sweet you can add jaggery to it.
  • now make it a small balls and fry in oil till it turns golden brown.
yummy mulka is ready to have now with ghee



simple steps to prepare karjikai(south indian food)

maida 1 cup
peni rava 2 spoons
sugar as you need
Desiccated coconut/Kobbari/Copra
sesame seeds 100 gms
poppy seeds (gasagase) 100gms
cooking oil to fry
take a pan.put sesame seeds and fry.when it turns golden brown take it away.
now put gasa gasa(poppy seeds) to pan.when it turns golden brown take it away.
now take a mixing bowl.put sesame seeds,poppy seeds,sugar,grated coconut and mix the contents well.keep this mixing bowl aside for later use.
Now ta maida  in a vessel.Add peni rava and little oil.mix this contents well with little water..
The dough should be slightly harder than the chapati dough; Knead well and keep aside.
keep this for half an hour.
Make small balls from the rava-maida dough and roll them into small circular pooris.
Make sure the pooris are not too thick
Now add the filling content to this little pooris and fold it and keep in this machine and press.
now you will get karjikai shapes.
now fry this in oil..when it turns little brown take it away..
karjikai is ready to have now!!!


Banana halwa

banana 10
sugar 1 cup
ghee 1 cup

grind banana well
put grinded mixture into vessel.keep this on stove.let all the water content in it get dry.
add sugar(how much sweet you need) into this mixture and keep stirring and add ghee to this and keep stirring…
now you will get the layer from the vessel.Put this on a plate applied with ghee

halwa is ready to have..



stuffed Brinjal curry(yenneghai/ennegai/yengai)

brinjal 5
groundnuts 25
sesame seeds(yellu) half cup
onion 1
garlic 1
green chilly 5
red chilly powder-2 spoon
coriander powder- 1 spoon
ginger garlic paste- 1 spoon
garam masala powder-1 spoon
tamarind water(2 spoon) or vinegar-1 spoon
coriander leaves
sambar leaves(bevina soppu)-10
mustard seeds 1 spoon
Roast groundnuts and sesame seeds separately and grind them separately and keep aside.
Take a little wide vessel put chilly powder,groundnut and sesame powder, coriander powder,garam masala powder,ginger garlic paste,little turmeric and salt as you need.
mix them using hand.
Take brinjals,slit them, do not remove the stem of them,stuff the above mixture into brinjal neatly and keep aside.
Now take a pan.Add little oil,mustard seeds,garlic,onion,sambar leaves and stir.When onion turns little golden brown, add stuffed brinjal to pan and stir slowly.
Add tamarind water or vinegar to this.
Add little jaggery only if you need
Now close the pan and let it bake for few minutes..
when all brinjals are fully boiled garnish it with coriander leaves.
Now the yummy stuffed brinjal curry (yenneghai/ennegai/yenghai) is ready to have.

Serve this hot with akki rotti, chapati,poori,roti,kadabu,rice.

recipe for pumpkin(pumpkin halwa)

pumpkin 1
sugar 1 cup
ghee 2 cups


  • Take a cup of grated pumpkin.
  • put it into a vessel and keep it on stove..let  the water content in it dry..
  • when it changes the color add sugar(as you need) and keep stirring..
  • Now add ghee and keep stirring ..when the mixture starts leaving the bottom take out  the vessel from stove and put this on a plate applied with ghee
  • let it cool for few min..
  • refrigerate for few minutes

pumpkin halwa is ready to have
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pepper chicken recipe

pepper is good for health.It reduces heatness from the body and also fights against cold.
Here is a easy and tasty pepper chicken recipe

chicken half kg
oil for cooking
garlic 1
onion 1
tomato 1
cinnamon-5 to 6 small pieces
cloves(lavanga)-4 to 5
ginger garlic paste 1 spoon
black or white pepper 2 spoon
mint(pudina) leaves
coriander leaves
chilly powder 1 spoon
Lemon 1
coriander powder 1 spoon
curry leaves(kari bevina soppu)  8 to 10


  • roast onion,pepper,cloves,cinnamon using little oil till onion turns golden brown.
  • Take a mixi jar and grind the above roasted mixture with ginger garlic paste,chilly powder,mint leaves and coriander leaves and coriander powder.
  • Now take the chicken,apply the above grind-ed mixture with salt and lemon to chicken, keep for 15 min.
  • now take the pan,put little oil,Add garlic,onion,tomato fry them,then put the chicken which is ready and stir.
  • if spice is not enough add pepper powder of how much you require and stir.
  • Add curry leaves and stir and let it boil for 15 min.

now the pepper chicken fry is ready to serve.this is tasty with rotti, dose,appam, rice


wheat halwa(godhi halwa)

yummy recipe for wheat flour….

wheat 1 cup
sugar 1 cup
ghee 1 cup


  • rinse 1 cup of wheat for 3 days.
  • Once it is rinsed grind it well and filter the milk of it..and throw the left out waste which you get after filtering.
  • now keep this milk for three days.In this 3 days keep throwing the water which is layered on the milk.
  • On fourth day milk is ready to use.
  • milk will be in the form of flour.
  • add little water how much you need to this flour and put into vessel.keep this on stove.
  • add sugar syrup into this mixture and keep stirring and add ghee to this and keep stirring…
  • now you will get the layer from the vessel.

halwa is ready to have..


tips:wheat grass has the capacity to fight against cancer.



Very yummy and healthy south Indian food for breakfast

Paddu pan is available in  stores.

1 cup  rice
1/2 cup red gram(togari bele)
1/4 cup Bengal gram(kadale bele)
1/2 cup cooked rice
1/2 cup flattened rice
1 spoon methi
little jaggery,coconut,3 cardamom
(all the above i have taken in the measurement of a cup).


  1. Rinse rice,red gram, Bengal gram,methi for about 6 hrs and grind them with cooked rice, flattened rice and cardamom.
  2.  keep this mixture for a night and next day use it by adding coconut and jaggery and put it on a paddu pan and take it away till it turn little brown.
  3. taste this hot by ghee or chutney.



Raw jack fruit palya

Raw jack fruit-1
red chilies-5 pieces
coriander leaves-5
channa -20
chilly powder-as much as you need
salt-as much as you need
keep a vessel on stove.
Add oil, mustard seeds,onion,garlic,red chilies,coriander leaves and stir well till it turns golden brown.
add raw jack fruit pieces,salt and stir well and add little water and allow this to boil.
Later add chilly powder,tamarind water,coconut and stir nicely.
let it boil for some time.
add little jaggery if you want it to taste little sweet.
And now the palya is ready.
You can have it with rice, chapati,rotti.


Ibbani Hittu

sugarcane juice-1 cup
rice-1/4 cup
jaggery-depends on how much the sweet you require
black pepper-4
ginger-small piece
ghee-4 table spoon
Grind rice with cardamom,black pepper,ginger and keep aside.
keep sugarcane juice in a vessel on the stove.add jaggery how much you need. be stirring the mixture turn little brown.
Now add the mixture which you had grinded before and  be stirring the layer leave the bottom of the should get halwa like mixture.
then add ghee how much you need and add little salt(half tea spoon) and stir.
Now pour this on a plate.(ghee should be applied to plate before).
Leave  it to  cool for few minutes.keep inside fridge and taste it.yummy!!!
note:this is  very healthy food which has lots of health benefits.
sugarcane juice and pepper-helps in reducing heatness from the bod.
ginger and cardamom- helps in digestion.
this sweet is very helpful for diabetes patients.