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Diy Container gardening

This is about the container gardening which is done by me in my garden..

I usually love doing something creative in my garden..this was done three months back..Now its been ready,all grown healthy..Let me know how its been done.

First i got a fibre container from here..I made a small hole below the container so that air circulates inside container and made sure wasted water passes through this hole.

next i filled the container with mud,manure,sand in the ratio 3:2:1 respectively.

And then i placed the bowl as a pond in the middle of the container by digging the mud.And then i kept those white stones(aquarium stones) around pond as you can see.You can get the stones from here.

 Later i planted  plant and lawn grass at both sides.

At last i filled the pond with clean water.Make sure you clean this water daily..

 And after three months i got the result like this.

This kind of container gardening always refreshes me and It is one of the easiest way of garden to maintain.