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Diy Lotus pond

Lotus are the flowers which are extraordinary to look at.They are plants which can be easily maintained in the home garden.They can be maintained in very tiny place with less work.

Lotus need proper sunlight and a normal depth container.

Here are the step by step instructions to diy Lotus pond.

1.Decide the place where you want to diy the lotus pond.Here we have taken the place which is already with lawn.

2.Select the shape of the container you needed.Here we have chosen a cement circular ring,which is of very good quality,which has a long durability.

3.Make the proper measurement of the ring and dig the ground.

diy lotus pond

4.Clean it and make the proper level.

5.Place the circular cement ring and fix it properly.Fill the gaps with mud wherever required.

6.Now take the small stones,sand and cement.Take a small amount of stones,sand and cement in  equal ratio.mix it well.put this dry powder initially.Spread it nicely so that no mud can be seen.

diy lotus pond


7.Now take sand and cement in equal ratio ,mix these with water in a thick constant and apply it on that powdered layer nicely,so that no knots are formed.

diy lotus pond

diy lotus pond


8.keep this to dry for a day.

9.Keep back the removed lawn surface in the places wherever needed like this.

10 After a day when cement concrete is dried,fill the pond with clean water.

11.Now place the lotus plant inside pond.Always make sure the pond is filled with water and leaves are floating.

diy loyus garden

12.We have not used any sort of manure for this.Just the water,little mud and lotus plant.

13.And after two months we got the result like this and the Lotus pond is ready in our garden right now.

Note:You can use any containers for diying lotus pond.

Lotus pond looks very attractive to the Home garden.

You can get lotus seeds and plants  for your garden from here:

Try this and make your garden beautiful.