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Follow these steps and build your confidence

Many people lack confidence.Though they are intelligent enough,because of lack in confidence they may fail in the work they do.So here are 10 good steps to boost your confidence.

1.Find your mistakes, before someone pointing out it.

2.At night,before going to bed, listen to the inspirational Quotes, speeches. So it brings more positive energy in you. It also increases self-confidence. You also get good sleep.

3.Before doing any work, prepare a timetable. Work according to that timetable. You will succeed.

4.Meditation is the good medicine for self-confidence. So meditate for few minutes daily.

5.Failure is the stepping stone for success.So, if you fail in the first step towards your goal, dont be sad and take your goal back.Instead, move ahead and try till you succeed. There will be a day of success.

6.There will be an opportunity for you around your environment. Go and grab it. Use that opportunity. Be courageous always.

7.There may be some bad incident in your past, which may low down your confidence. Never think those kind of negative incident. So think about the future and move towards that.

8.Your heart is always your best friend. Instead of listening to 100 words from others, listen to one single word said by your heart.

9.Always keep your surroundings optimistic.

10.Never hate your failures. Each failure is a lesson for your success.Don’t loose faith on God by your failures.

Pray God-Be confident-Never give up-Live your life happily.

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