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Green tea vs Black tea

Drinking black tea is quite normal in Indian’s lifestyle.

But Green tea is become more popular now days. It’s also been proven that consuming Green tea is good for health.

But both of this black tea and green tea is from the same source. Both black tea powder and green tea powder are been made by same source.

Researches say that tea consumption stated from Chinese. Later it got spread to all over the world.

But both types of tea consumption is good for heath. They contain a hundred types of good contents like anti oxidants, polyphenols.

Though the two types of tea is from same source, the way they get  manufactured are different.

Below are the differences between Black tea and green tea:

1.While manufacturing Green tea powder, they first get the leaves, boil the leaves when the leaves are still green, later they dry the leaves and pack them.
So that the green content in the leaves remain as it is.

2.Anti oxidants remains in huge quantity. Manufacturing depends on how the leaves are boiled, so that all the healthy content remains in powder without loosing.

3.But in Black tea,  two to three methods takes place to store them tightly. Its been kept for two days in same condition. So oxidation process takes place here which results in the loosing of anti oxidants.Here tea turns to brown colour instead of green colour.

4.As there will be more anti oxidants content in Green tea it reduces the free radical occurrence in our body.

5.Like this it also controls many diseases. It contains lot of medicinal facts.

6.As Black tea contains an anti oxidant content called theaflavins, it turns black tea to brown colour.

7.Though the black tea and green tea are good for health, Green tea contains 20% more anti oxidants than Black tea.

8.It controls heart related diseases.

To reduce the body weight, its better to consume green tea before food.
As it reduces hungriness, it controls the amount of food intake into our body.

9.The healthy content in Green tea improves the brain activities.
Anti oxidants reduces the cancer related diseases in our body.

10.It also keeps our teeth healthy.

Note:Do not have this Green tea with sugar. It is not good for health.

Consume Green tea once or twice a day without sugar.

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