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Healthy hair

Healthy food is important. Have the food which is got more calcium.

1.take bath with little hot water. Dont use too much hot water. not use drier to your hair..and too much sunlight is also not good.

3.Use much coconut oil as you can to massage your hair.have oil massage at least twice a week.

4.use amla powder or methi powder or hibiscus flower or neem leaves in coconut oil and heat the oil for little extent and use this oil to massage your hair.

5.use egg white in coconut oil and massage your hair and take bath after one makes hair to shine.

6.cut split ends of hair and apply coconut oil.

7.use henna at least once in 15 days for your hair.use tea decoction,lemon,curds,egg white with henna.

8.reduce using shampoos.use herbal shampoos.

9.use scarf while going out.i protects the hair from dust particles.

follow these steps and see the changes.