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How an engineering graduate turned to crorepati by farming?

Sometimes because of stress and for some necessities we are been pushed to some jobs which we are not interested at all. It also happens, by following  some of our inspiring people in  hurry.We  follow those jobs, even if it does not give happiness to us.

Like this, even if the engineering job was not satisfied and still worked in engineering field for five to six years and resigned the job and now a full time farmer Harish Dhandev story is here.

Harish Dhandev belongs to Jaisalmer, Rajastan. He worked in Municipal Council, jaisalmer as a junior engineer after studying engineering.

But Harish Dhandev was not satisfied in that Government job. He was eager to resign the job and go back to his village and to become an agriculturist.

So he resigned his Government job and returned to his village.

He started cultivating his 120 acres land which is joined to Thar desert. He made irrigation facility by bore wells. His luck was good because he saw water in bore wells. He grew Aloe vera instead of paddy and wheat.

Presently he is earning 2 crores yearly income by Alovera farming.
These healthy aloe vera leaves are been exporting to America and France.
Harish Dhandev also markets Aloe vera to Patanjali food products.

He is the inspiration for all youths who want to explore in farming.

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