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How her family accomplishments evoked her towards jewellery designing?

CITRINE  jewellery who not heard about?The adorable,exclusive jewellery collections from Purvi Dhruv.

A Bangalore based jewellery designer,who is from family of jewellers,executes the designs in such a way that are so mesmerising and easily affordable.

Today we are with this charming designer Purvi Dhruv in

Hello Ms. Purvi Dhruv,Welcome to ‘The Life Inspire’

1.How did Citrine got raised?Tell us the process behind it?

Hello,as i was already from a family of jewellers,It made me straight away opting this field.After i got married, as my husband was also running a company which deals with precious stones,precious jewellery,antique jewellery and all, it still more encouraged me.

Initially i used to go out to collect designs and all.As people were not able to afford so much  expensive stuffs,it was not easy for me to deal with.

Since then i started designing my own designs.I also started with silver jewellery which starts from Rs.500 which are easily affordable by people.
2.What did you study?Was it helpful to you?

I was graduated in MBA marketing.But as i  already had a passion towards jewellery designing and as i was nicely toned in jewellery designing, i straight away moved to designing.As many are passionate in one or other field,i was into this platform.And as i had a ready set up,it was little easy for me to move in this.

3.Where you want to see Citrine in the future?

As i already have have two branches in Bangalore(Whitefield and Hebbal),I want it to  for next big cities.

I exhibit my CITRINE collections in my own exhibitions in Jayanagar,Bangalore.
I have also designed for celebrities for red carpets.

Even CITRINE collections comes in very elegant and affordable prices for bridal designing also.


That’s great Ms. Purvi dhruv.
All the best for your future.
thank you

Some of her design samples:

You can visit CITRINE by this link