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How Soul baby carry bags is becoming newborn’s  dearest?

New born babies are the ones, need  to be cared in right way.Each small things has to be observed while raising them up.New born’s  are to be carried carefully.

So here is Soul baby carry bags,Started by Bangalore blogger Chinmayie and her husband Ravindra,which are very efficient to hold babies.Fine let’s hear from her how it all got started.

Hello Ms. Chinmayie,Welcome to The Life Inspire

1.Please let us know how did the Soul slings raised?

So when I found out I was expecting again, I was a more confident parent who knew that she wanted to babywear extensively.

I researched all the different kinds of baby carriers in India and abroad, and decided a ring sling was the ideal choice considering my lifestyle and the Indian climate.

I had to get it down from the US as it wasn’t locally available.

The first time I wore my son in my ring sling was when he was barely a few days old. I fell in love with my baby sling instantly.

My newborn son was comfortably napping on me while I read books or went out for walks with my 5-year old daughter.

Every time he was crying, all I needed to do was to wear him in my ring sling and he would settle down in minutes.  Even when he was awake, it only felt right to keep him warm and close to me.

As he grew older, I learnt to wrap him. Eventually, as a busy toddler, he showed a strong preference for full buckle SSCs. Today we choose our daily carrier depending on our mood and planned activities!

I couldn’t imagine my life without my baby carriers. I never stepped out of the house without one.

I remembered my life when my daughter was a newborn and realized that with a good ring sling those days could have been a lot less stressful for both of us.

That’s when I decided to start Soul. I knew I could make a difference in every parent’s life by introducing them to safe and affordable babywearing. As my son and I explored different styles of babywearing, Soul grew and increased its options for babywearers everywhere.

When we started out I searched in vain for baby carriers which were locally made, well-constructed and elegant. So I decided to do it myself.”


2.What are the challenges you faced at the time you started Soul?

It took us some time to help parents understand the importance of using baby carriers, how they can radically change their parenting for the better, resulting in happier, calmer, closer families.

Thankfully, our early customers were strong advocates for Soul and the word spread. Today we are India’s largest baby carrier manufacturer and sell carriers and accessories around the globe.


3.How do you choose the design of baby carry bags?

I choose every fabric myself. My design background helps me understand patterns and colours, and as a parent I focus on strong and comfortable fabrics that will be beautiful, comfortable and value for money too.

baby carry bags


4.How do you promote your brand?

Apart from our website we are available online over social media websites such as FacebookInstagramYouTubePinterestTwitter etc.

Our customers are also very loyal and we are grateful for their continued support on and offline.



5.Where do you want to see the Soul in next five years?

Hopefully growing bigger and better and reaching more and more families everywhere!


That’s great Chinmayie, thanks a lot for sharing Soul story.All the best for your future plans.


Have a peek at Soul baby carry bags:

soul baby carry bags soul baby carry bags


And last but the least, here are some points that you might to know about  Soul:

a. India’s Biggest Babywearing Brand
In 2014 Soul introduced ring slings to India. Today we make baby carriers and coordinating lifestyle products such as baby blankets, sun hats, soft shoes and doll carriers, and adult shawls, scarves and bags, all available through our website
All Soul products are designed, hand-made and shipped directly by Soul from Bangalore, India. We use the finest Indian textiles in pure natural fibres (cotton, linen), using baby-safe dyes. Our products are safety-tested by strict international standards. We support local, small-scale industry even as we sell around the world.

b. Packaging
As an environmentally conscious business, we do not use plastic packaging at all.
Instead, our carriers come in sturdy unbleached cotton cloth bags which are hand stitched in-house. They can be re-used to store the carrier, as a laundry bag to wash the carrier, or even as a storage bag around your house. Thinking – literally – outside the box, we keep our cardboard cartons plain by choice. Since they are usually discarded right away, we don’t
wish to waste our planet’s valuable resources printing on something of such short-term use.

c. Fabrics
Our jacquard fabrics are woven in an ethical and environment-friendly mill from Southern India, which uses only wind and solar energy to run their entire factory. They are a completely green manufacturing unit and after using the energy they need they have surplus to send back into the grid.
Our other very popular handwoven textiles are woven in weaver’s cooperatives in various parts of India, run by the Government of India and non-profit organizations, regulated by fair trade laws. Only the best quality dyes are used and no child labour is involved at any stage.

d. Employees
Our manufacturing staff is composed almost entirely of working mothers, many of them either single or the sole wage-earner in their families. As Soul grows we are working towards helping them attain true self-sufficiency through initiatives that promote health insurance, personal savings, help with their children’s education etc. Our manufacturing premises are structured to provide a safe, happy and comfortable work environment, as are our management practices. Soul Team (ie the employees you are most likely to encounter on and offline, such as me) is largely built of working mothers, who are offered the option of flexible schedules and a family-friendly environment.

e. Recognition
Winner: ‘Best Babywearing Outreach Program’ by Babywearing International (International Babywearing Week October 2016) for our carrier donation programme Soul Gives Back
Nomination: WEAR ‘Community Appreciation Award’ for “manufacturers who are making a difference in the world of babywearing education.” (April 2016)

f. Education
Soul organised India’s first ever certified babywearing educator course in November 2016.
Through donations (monetary or otherwise), media mentions and other methods we have always supported and continue to support educators, carrier libraries and of course babywearing conferences such as this week’s Wear All The Babies in Australia and The Big Latch On in New York next next month.