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How to lose weight quickly by simple home remedies

Instead to become fat its better to avoid becoming fat…to reduce the fatness there are many home remedies instead to spend excess money and of no use.We can do it by things which we get easily in our daily here are few easy tips:

Green tea:

  • As green tea is produced by antioxidants,it reduces the hungriness and avoids eating more.
  • it reduces the excess fatness from our body.
  • By drinking it three times in a slowly reduces fatness from our body.
  • To reduce weight,have to drink green tea with wheat bread or vegetable salads.

Black tea:

  • In india black tea is given more importance than Green tea.In that we give more importance to black tea of Kerala.
  • Flavonoids contained in the Black tea reduces fatness stock in our body.
  • It is helpful to reduce weight.
  • Use honey instead sugar with black tea,so that you can reduce fatness soon.
  • Have black tea twice a day.


  • Caffeine content will be in coffee.
  • Its good to have limited amount of caffeine daily.
  • Caffeine e has got capacity to burn fatness in our body,so it can reduce weight of our body.

Sambar leaves:

  • We get this leaves easily in our daily life.
  • By using it daily in our food reduces fatness.
  • By having 10 to 20 leaves daily in the morning is helpful to reduce fatness.


  • Exercising reduces fat contained in our body.
  • Exercising kills unnecessary calories from our body.
  • if our body weight is proper,then body shape will also be proper.
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