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why the time management is important?

time management

 Well!!! Every  human in this world has 24 hours…
Poor-rich,man-women,literate-illiterate everyone has got 24 hrs per day.

We get this 24 hours without any recommendations,without any expense.This is the most precious thing which we get freely in our lives.

For 24 hours there are 288 five minutes,1,440 seconds,86,400 seconds.

This one second,one minute is more precious than money.

We can gain back money, if we lose it. But time???

We suffer a lot after we lose our money,but why don’t we do this if we lose our precious time???
The main reason for this is, we don’t understand the importance of time.

Importance of time:
We really understand the importance of time,if we read the following lines said by a man who knows the importance of time.

To know the importance of one year,
Ask a student who lost one year by failing;

To know the importance of one month,
Ask a mother who is given birth to a child;

To know the importance of one week,
Ask a writer who publishes weekly newspaper;

To know the importance of one hour,
Ask a lover who is waiting for his partner;

To know the importance of one minute,
Ask a person who missed a train;

To know the importance of one second,
Ask a person who escaped from the disaster at that moment;

To know the importance of one millisecond,
Ask a person who won silver medal in Olympics;

According to us, there may be many 24 hours which comes and goes.

But many changes can take place in the environment,in the world or in our daily life within this 24 hours.

God has given us this 24 hrs.We have to use it efficiently without wasting it.

Life is like a wheel, it keeps rotating if we doesn’t do anything.

So the world keeps on going if we doesn’t do any doesn’t wait for anyone.
We should keep one thing in mind.We were not having thinking power in our childhood. As we grow, our thinking power increases.

But many of us doesn’t feel like, thinking only.To think also we fear a lot.

so those people waste the time instead utilising it.

Time doesn’t wait for anyone. Utilising time is also  a type of punctuality.
Trees in the environment follows time.They acts as per the season.

Bees comes to take the nectar from the flower same time everyday.

But human being who came from the environment itself wasting time recklessly.

We get 24 hours daily.we wont get little much,little less.

Its important, how we utilising this precious time.

OK..fine where our time goes.Why we can’t tell the proper amount of time which we have spent?

The reason for this is, we doesn’t know to manage the time.
So utilising our precious time is called time management

“Time is like a life.wasting  time is, killing our self slowly”
                                       -James alfence
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