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Jahnavi Sheriff-Blood moon

For some dance is a passion.For some it comes in blood.And for many it’s for fitness.

And here is the success story of Jahnavi Sheriff,who tells ‘ one should have talent to put  attractive new style steps’

Mumbai based Jahnavi Sheriff started ‘Blood Moon’ in very young age.

For her, dance is everything.She said good bye to education and started education in dance.She started to learn dance in very young age.

She learnt Bharathanatyam and went to America to learn Western dance.From there she went to Paris,Taipei,Jamaica to learn different form of dance.
She started new form of dance called ‘Blood Moon’ when she was in Jamaica.This dance form got famous like ‘gangnam style dance’ which was a big surprise.

At present she is conducting dance classes by starting ‘Dance hall’ in Mumbai.She is also got loads of awards nationally and also internationally.

She teaches Bharatanatyam,Western dances,Yoga in her ‘dance hall’.She has choreographed for three hollywood movies.

She wants to achieve more and more in this field.

All the best Jahnavi Sheriff for your future plans.