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Keep your home clean and fresh by these 14 effective ways

For a happy, healthy and enjoyable life it is your responsibility to create a clean and hygienic environment in your home. An unhygienic environment is breeding ground for many diseases and illnesses and as they say, prevention is better than cure.

When you are able to achieve shining floors and spotless surfaces you could believe your home is clean at its peak but this might not be the case. Freedom from germs and a clean look are two different things.

It does not matter if you handle home cleaning by yourself or employ housekeeping services, there are some hygienic hotspot problematic zones in your home you need to tackle to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

Areas to concentrate on:

1.Wipe off frequently touched areas like toilet flush handles and taps with bleach regularly to keep germs from breeding.

2.Keep the plugholes in your bathroom and kitchen clear from blockage and smelling fresh by pouring in thick bleach from time to time.

3. Sterilize inside and outside bins weekly with a disinfectant before lining them to kill germs and eliminate smell.

4.Disinfect tiles in the kitchen and bathroom regularly to keep them looking fresh and grout free.

5.Sterilize kitchen towels and sponges regularly to control breeding of germs.


Tips to follow:

1. Avoid leaving open containers of water around your home as it is a good breeding ground for germs.

2. Rid the walls and ceilings of spider webs.

3. Dust carpets before placing them on the floor and dust fan blades too.

4. Regularly wash cushion and sofa covers

5. Clean off food crumbs from the couch immediately

6. Allow plenty of sunlight into rooms to kill germs and light up the place.

7.Sweep, mop and vacuum floors regularly.

8.Change curtains periodically.

9. Cover food up to avoid bugs like cockroaches.

1o. Always wash plates after each meal.

11.Use less oil in the kitchen and wash off greasy stains with more soap.

12.Change bed covers and pillow cases regular.

13.Maintain personal hygiene.

14. Use hot water for bathroom cleaning and clean it regularly.


How to achieve an earthy look that is clean and hygienic

A hygienic and clean look is enhanced by an earthy look to your home that is natural.

To achieve this look with your clean house;

1.Eliminate clutter and keep minimal ornaments: consider eliminating unnecessary accessories and ornaments or reducing them to bare minimum.Simplicity is key in this area.

2.Take advantage of natural light and scents: introducing fresh scents can be calming and add to the peace and comfort you feel in a clean and hygienic space.

Natural oils and homemade sprays are great options.

3.Make use of plants: if you have plants, it’s time to bring them in.

Although they can be a chore to maintain, plants bring calmness and nature into a place unlike anything else.

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