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Make Money Online: 5 Genuine and helpful Ways for Stay at Home Mom

There are already a lot of articles about ways to make money online but you might have already discovered majority of them are sales pitches to draw you in for one service or the other.

There are legitimate ways to make money online but they aren’t get rich quick schemes.

Plenty of hard work and dedication is required to get returns but it is worth it to achieve your goals. Whatever your reasons for working online you can find something for you.

1.Websites that pay
There are websites that will pay you for doing different things from taking surveys, to shopping and testing products.
Some of these websites are great for earning an income without any professional experience or qualifications.
You can check the following websites for such jobs;
Project payday
User testing


2.Freelance writing
Freelance writing is a popular source of income online and many people are making up to $1 per word and above. If you are interested in writing, then it is worth it to build your portfolio in the industry because your pay does not start off at the top.

If you love writing you can put in the time and dedication it takes to get paid big bucks for freelance writing.
Here are some freelance writing platforms to try out;
A list apart


3.Selling your items
You can be selling things you already have, things you produce locally or buying and reselling online to make money. There is a huge online market and it is easy to sell.

The most popular way of payment is PayPal so you should consider getting an account.

You should also take good pictures of products, be honest and simply do good business to succeed. Here are some platforms to sell online;
– craigslist


With persistence, patience and discipline you can make money from blogging. Some people see money from the start while some people grow to a certain extent first.

Some methods of monetizing blogging are;
– Advertising
– Videos
– Affiliates
– Membership
– Products


5.Work from home companies
You can work for some companies from the comfort of your home. You can work for someone else but choose your own work schedule.

Some examples of such companies include;
Crowd source
Demand studios
Leap force
Fast chart

To work online you have to be professional, even though it is not a corporate setting you are building a good view of yourself to others so be expert about it.

The environment and working parameters might be relaxed but you have to take your job search and actually doing the job very seriously.

You can give a background of yourself and work including some samples but don’t give it all.

Lastly, you always have to double check yourself to ensure you are sending quality content out always.

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