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Must follow these 9 techniques of  Yoga to overcome depression in our life ?

Depression is one of the most common psychological disorders in the western world and it is affecting more people as time goes on. Time consuming therapy on top of years of experience and a tin of medication is what has been used up till now to deal with the problem of depression.

Simply juggling work and family as a busy life can inflict the most common person with low levels of anxiety and mild depression which should not require such a person being pumped full of antidepressants as a solution. Counselling and medication is not the solution for everyone as a low cost alternative exists in yoga.

No matter one’s fitness level, yoga is beneficial for men and women of old and young ages alike. A lot of yoga devotes testify that a single session can leave you feeling positive and ready to deal with the problems of life. Regular practice of yoga can equip a person with the strength to deal with the trials of life that come without becoming restless all while leading a calm and relaxed daily life.

You can follow these yoga techniques to keep a peaceful and settled mind.

1.Yoga asana

This yoga position aids in tension and negativity relief from the body system resulting in a healthy mind and body. Some of the postures are marjariasana or at stretch, shavasana or corpse pose and dhanurasana or bow pose.

2.Breathe right

Focusing attention on breathing can free the mind of unnecessary clutter. Try a breathing practice like the bhramari pranayama or bee breath.

3.Meditate for a relaxed mind

This is an excellent method to bring in a sense of peace and calm by relaxing a distracted mind. The adrenalin rush that comes from facing hard decisions can be regulated through meditation.

4.Use yoga philosophy in your life

Apply the simple and profound principles of yoga to your everyday life. For example, the aprigraha principle helps overcome greed while the shaucha principle focuses on mind and body cleanliness.

5.Smile, pray and keep faith

Developing the habit of daily prayer and chanting brings in support and reassurance to help with anxiety. Have deep faith and smile consciously to instill calmness, confidence and positivity.

6.Think about your contribution to others
Shift your attention to how you can be of assistance to those around you instead of focusing on me and mine all the time. This will energize you and remove stress.

7.Know the world is not permanent
Realize that everything around you is temporary and subject to change so the feeling of depression too shall pass.

8.Remember overcoming situations in the past
Remind yourself often of past hurdles of life that you crossed successfully to have courage for the situation at hand and situations to come.

9.Maintain positive company
Spending time with positive minded people influences your thoughts and will reflect that overall attitude to life.

A positive mind can reproduce peace, joy and relaxation
through a tough process and maintaining a good diet is also necessary to produce enough milk for your child.

Eat all you need and follow the doctor’s orders on medication to save your energy.

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