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Follow these steps before sending your child to baby sitting

This is the world where both parents works by leaving their child in play homes or baby sitting.As soon as they finish their work they  will take their children back home.But for the sake of their  protection and safeness  parents must need to follow the below 5 steps:

1.Telephone number:
It is not enough to give only your mobile numbers to playhome. You have to give your home telephone number,your office number.Also give the guardian or the friends,or your relatives who are staying near  playhome. These come to use in some critical conditions.

2.let your children know:
write your mobile number in a slip and keep it in your child’s bag.Let  your child know about it.Teach your children about your mobile number and your home address.

3.Let the staff members know about your child:
Let the staff members of playhome know about your child activities.Let them know about your child sleep timings,what toys your child likes,food habits,diaper change timings.Like this, let them know all about your child behaviour.

4.Know about safeness:
Give the more importance towards the place where the playhome is,about the safeness they provide.Ask about their staff members with others,collect information about the playhome from other sources.Join your child only if you feel playhome is safe enough.

5.Watch the activities of staff:
Watch the activities of the staff members.Watch whether they shout at kids,see whether they are neglecting your child.If they are doing all these,its better to stay away from them.

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