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Nool-How a social enterprise turned into a brand?

Hello,Today we are with a Social enterprise called Nool,tells the story of how it all began and what are the challenges they faced during its raise.

1.Please let us know about the Nool?What was the inspiration behind its evoke?

Nool (Tamil for thread) is an apparel and home furnishing label tucked away, off National Highway 47, in Erode (pronounced Ee-rode), in the heart of South India.

The Nool label grew out of an imperative need to sustain handloom weaving – a craft on the verge of extinction.

The world is waking up to handlooms and we see this as an opportunity to sustain the craft.

Through Nool we have created a permanent weavers studio and we hope to sustain a group of weavers by providing them with a steady income and a continuous flow of work.

The products designed and produced by Nool are world-class quality clothing for women and men that are stylish, easy to wear and easy to maintain.

Nool, or thread, is the language of our existence. From the rhythm of the handloom to the dexterity of the tailors’ stitch.

We hope to create a family of Nool lovers who believe in things handwoven, practical and beautiful in every sense of the word.


2.What are the struggles you faced for the first time?

The main challenge is the advent of fast fashion at cheap cost, which lures a number of people. The reception for NOOL has been very good in terms of the concept.

With the world turning more towards organic substitutes there is a good appreciation for Nool products in all the platforms we have showcased so far.


3.How do you choose the designs,they find to be truly elegant?

We work as a team in making the design choices. All of us brainstorm our inputs and we do not work like a commercial entity to churn out so many designs in so many days.

The fabrics we choose are carefully done so as the weaver’s work is highlighted the most.


4.How do you promote the brand Nool?

We promote Nool through various social media platforms and we take part in specific exhibitions.

We also have our presence in a few third party online stores.


5.Where do you want to see the Nool in next five years?

In the next five years, I look upon Nool to be as a prominent eco fashion brand with more patronage customers and also have global presence.

Most importantly we would like to engage at least  500 artisans by then who weave products for Nool.

Here are the few designs of Nool:


Thanks a lot Nool for sharing your story with us.All the very best for your future plans.

You can shop at Nool: