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Origin of Filter Coffee in India

We all believe that the origin of filter coffee is from India,this is because Indians use more filter coffee than any other countries.

And we export best quality filter coffee powder worldwide.

Especially,in South India if we step into any hotels we first get the aroma of tasty filter coffee.

But as most of us think,the origin of filter coffee is not from India.Its from  the country Yemen!!!

Yes!!its true.


You would have heard the name called ‘Baba Budan’.As you all know there is a hill called Bababudangiri  in Chikmagalur district,Karnataka by this name.

When this Sufi saint ‘Baba budan’ was returning from Mecca(makkah) yatra he had got seven coffee seeds with him.He secretly got these seeds and reached chikmagalur.

He planted those seeds in chandra drona hill of chickmagalur,So that coffee aroma spreaded all over India.By this time filter coffee was famous all over mecca.History tells that even Baba budan had tasted the filter coffee for the first time in Mecca only.

And this filter coffee became famous since 1940, when Coffee board of India  made coffee houses all over India.By this time Filter coffee became a part of the breakfast and snacks all over country especially in South India.

You can get to taste many flavours of filter coffee in states like Karnataka,Tamil Nadu and kerala as they grow coffee in large scale.We get to taste the different flavours of coffee because of ‘chicory powder’ that’s been used in coffee powder which we get from Arabica and Robusta type.

This is all about ‘origin of Coffee in India’.

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