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This plant lives for 3000 years

This plant which looks like green balls surrounded,its difficult to accept it as a plant.

Do you know one more thing?This plant lives for 3000 years!!! amazing,isn’t it?

By the way, the name of this amazing plant is azorella yareta!!!

Yes!!it grows for only one and a half centimetres per year.By noticing this, scientists have proven that it lives for 3000 years.

Azorella Yareta

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It grows in places like the mountains of Peru,Bolivia,north Chile,Western Argentina.

This azorella yareta plant belongs to the family of Apiaceae. There are 70 types in it.

It is an evergreen plant in which yellow or lavender flower grows.
Though the plant looks very small,it weights more.

The stem of this plant can take the weight of a human.

It grows in the place which is not suitable for any other living things to grow.It grows beside the rocks where there is more sand and stones.

The leaves which are sticky to touch, reduces the amount of water needed for the plant.

The plant which grows very dense,retain the heat and keeps the heat in moderate.
The leaves of this plant are used as medicine for asthama,cold,pain and many other.

This plant doesn’t fear for high altitude wind and grow till 3000 years.

But now,these plant are constantly being used as a firewood and these plants are becoming less which is almost disappearing.