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Post Pregnancy diet and tummy reduction:Must follow these 5 steps

What women need to understand is that  ‘childbirth is a comma and not a full stop’.

The common fear of not being able to get back into shape after you have had a child is just that, common and thankfully, it has its solutions.

The beginning of the journey is fighting exhaustion and finding a safe place where you are comfortable with your surroundings and are at peace with yourself and body. Knowledge of what to do and the right organizational skills will help you towards your goal.

What causes fat storage?
The quality and quantity of food eaten during pregnancy is the culprit of fat storage.

With all the protein and fat rich food recommended, the excess fat and carbohydrates store under the skin and are not used for bodily functions or fetus development.

This can lead to stretch marks, sagging body parts and more which can worsen if left overtime and worst of all, affect confidence.


Why is your tummy the main problem area?

There are a lot of hormonal and body changes during pregnancy. After the change in flow of hormones coursing through your body, pain from delivery and shifting of body parts like increase and shrinkage of your uterus, you are bound to notice some changes.

A sagging tummy and lose abs are unavoidable side effects that only exercise can deal with.

There is no magical wand to wave to get back into perfect shape after you’ve had a child.

Regular exercise and healthy eating habits are the key to getting to your goal. As a new mom, you need a diet to give you and your little one the right nutrients so don’t go off on any regular diet.

Here are some steps you can take in your journey to recovering your desired body.


post pregnancy diet and exercise

You should absolutely never skip on meals or turn to dietary supplements after childbirth.

Your body has gone through a tough process and maintaining a good diet is also necessary to produce enough milk for your child. Eat all you need and follow the doctor’s orders on medication to save your energy.

This exercise seems simple but it is very beneficial in the state you are in. be consistent with this exercise and take advantage of your little one as the weight will help reduce fat faster. As you gain control over your body you can toughen up the routine.

3.Tighten up
As you fall into a routine with your newborn add the part where you throw in a little exercise. Basic crunches and other exercises will help. Don’t push yourself too much, start out small and work your way from there.

This is a breathing exercise that involves tightening and relaxation to help tone your upper and lower abdomen.

This yoga move gets to target specific organs in your body like western exercise might not be able to. Maintain a straight posture for this and increase time intervals as you build up.

5.Fight boredom

post pregnancy diet and exercise
Alternate your workout plans so it does not become monotonous and make you lose interest ultimately deviating your goal.