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Quick and Easy Decorating Ideas for A Room Makeover: (Avoiding The Boring Décor)

The home is a place of solace and relaxation, you should have the decoration that best suits your needs and reflects your personality.

It does not matter if you are living in a rented home or your personal space, there are simple and fast ideas you can incorporate into your home decoration for the real look you want.

You can tap into your creative side as you look through the following ideas to find inspiration for a fresh look in your home.

1.Collection display on your dining room table- dramatic presentation is lovely.

image credit:pepperfry

2.Interior curtain- doubles as decoration and space divider.

image credit:pepperfry

3.Mix and match bedclothes- makes bedding feel like an antique collection.

4.Adorn the bathroom with an antique- this can be an accent to the decoration of the rest of the house.

5.Paint cheap furniture white- provides a light and bright airy area without so much work.

6.Engulf a wall in plates- has the effect of one large piece of art.

7.Wallpaper on vinyl shades- creative usefulness for your extra wallpaper.

8.Adorn hallways with Turkish carpets and rugs- transforms a plain hallway into a fashionable space.

9.Move seats away from walls- moving chairs inwards provides for more intimacy

10.Reupholster old furniture with curtains- such fabrics are no longer available and will make furniture unique.

11.Use a cheerful accent color- add a bright color to the existing color palette to freshen up a space.

12.Hover art on the bookshelf- adds interest because it is in an unusual place.

13.Mix and match your chairs- creates a more casual and laid back environment.

14.Paint the wall halfway- subtle, easy and stylish statement for a room.

15.Add bold colors to open shelves- colorful accents bring drama.

16.Add a modern attitude- introduce one or two very modern pieces.

17.Choose bright blue floors- this quick change will add interest.

18.Update your built-in shelves- give them a do over in colors once in a while.

19.Use a statement tablecloth- adds personality to an otherwise boring room.

20.Try out wallpaper patches- makes a statement and is easy to finish.

21.While attacking your home decorations you should know there are some boring recurring ideas that have become trends over the years.

22.It’s time for these ideas to go not find their way into your home. Visitors and even home residents might find them repetitive and you don’t want that.

Here are some of those dull ideas designers cannot wait to exit the scene.

1.Mid century pieces- have outlived their time.

2.Cowhide rugs- avoid offending some guests and opt for kilim or jute rugs.

3.Edison bulbs- cover your lights with a shade.

4.Only succulents- add a pop of color with fresh blooms.

5.Brushed metal- is over and gold or bronze metals are in.

6.Bar carts- requires too much upkeep.

7.Open concepts all over- don’t loose valuable space for beautiful decorations.

8.Graphic signs- replace for actual photography or canvas art.

9.Overload of vintage- statements overthrow an entire vintage look.

10.Oversized furniture- have become an inefficient use of space.

[image credit:pepperfry]