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Skin glowing tips

Your skin,hair,and waistline are the three worst affected by the frenzied celebrations.

Junk food,inefficient sleep and improper care can all lead to skin look unhealthy.
But fear not,keep your skin glowing and fresh,here are some tips:

  • Eat well and sleep better:

1.When it comes to your diet raw is the way to go.

2.Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits so that your skin gets the vitamins,minerals and nutrients it needs and makes skin glow.

3.In particular,eat orange-red produce to increase beneficial beta-carotene levels.

4.Say no to sugar,diary products and junk food and yes to copious amount of water.

  • Stay sun safe:

1.Make sunscreen as your best friend.

2.Extended exposure to the sun leads to damage,sun spots and wrinkles.Always apply sunscreen 15 to 20 min before stepping out.

3.And reapply if you plan to go for swimming.Most dermatologist agree that an SPF of 30 is good enough,unless you have extra sensitive skin.
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