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Street shopping Vs Mall shopping Vs online shopping

According to researches, Clothing and apparel comprise about 20% of the total Indian retail market,While jewellery and watches ,make up 12% percent.

There are three kinds of shopping.

1.Street shopping

2.Mall shopping

3.Online shopping

Standalone (street) shopping:

street shopping
Some people feel the clothes,shoes,accessories,and even the service,are all far better at standalone shopping.And they even say that quality of products they get at standalone shops are best compared to online.

The prices or comparatively  cheap compare to malls and the designs of products doesn’t repeat in standalone shops like in malls.

And also they get products in different varieties compare to malls.

And in stores we get personalised service but not in malls.If something has to be returned and to be altered,it is done in standalone shops easily but it is not that easy  in malls and online shopping.

sometimes we get quirky and traditional kind of shops in street shopping.But in mall shopping,sometimes we feel sophisticated  environment.


Mall shopping:

mall shopping

The good thing about mall is the impulse buys,where we go to shop for one thing,but we end up buying many things.

We get all under one roof-clothes,shoes,food products,make up accessories and many more.It is best place to meet up friends-to chat,to have food,watch movie.

And good thing is we can shop calmly without tiredness because of air conditioners which is not possible in street shopping.

And sometimes the offers like scratch and win games in malls is enjoying one and we can make kids enjoy in kids playing shops which is not possible in online or street shopping.


Online shopping:

amazon-online shopping
Alternative for online shopping is convenient shopping.

Especially for women,no need to depend on any drivers or escorts for shopping.Its a most easy way of shopping.

And more offers we get through online shopping than mall shopping.It is stress free shopping.We can shop by our convenience,And as there is a option for door delivery we can also exchange the things if we are not OK with it.

We can shop at any time we need, especially  for women having babies.It is also a time saving shopping.

Sitting in a remote place of world we can order any brand products.

Shopping portals like  have extended door delivery options for almost  all places of India. It is one among the good online shopping portal.You can get their link hear.

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So there are its own pros and cons in all three types of shopping.And the choice is yours.