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These 13 simple mantra’s help you to burn excess fat

Lifestyle is making everyone busy.No proper time to have food,sleep,to take rest.It is also leading us towards health problems.Excess fat content in body is one of the main problem for many.

Staying fit has also become challenging.So follow the following 13 healthy tips and stay fit.

1.Stay away from fast food as much as you possible.

2.Mix a spoon of ginger powder in milk and drink.It helps to burn fat.

3.Use chillies,garlic,cinnamon,elachi in your food.These help to burn fat.

4.Do not drink water which is stored in fridge,before sleeping.It doesn’t help in digestion of food.Instead drink hot water after dinner and sleep.

5.Sugar increases insulin level and fat content in our body.So have sugar in limited quantity.Use only where ever  it is needed.

6.Walking is good exercise.Have the habit of walking daily.Yoga is also good.Use steps alternate to lifts.

7.Drink Green tea before going to bed.It helps in reducing fat.

8.Cycling is a good habit.Cultivate the habit of cycling at least for half an hour daily.

9.Oranges and Lemon helps in burning fat as it contains citric acid.

10.Sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours daily.Because lack of sleep also leads in increasing fat.

11.Wheat grass juice is also good in burning fat. Research says that it is more good than sprouts.

12.Cabbage,tomato,palak,beans,green pea is very good for health as it contains no fat at all.

13.If your breakfast contains Egg white,its good.Because it is useful for the people who want to burn fat.

Note:Research say’s that increase use of mobile phones and internet increases fat.

1/5 men suffers from fat related problems.

1/7 women suffers from fat related problems.


Diseases causes due to excess fat content in body:


Blood pressure

Difficult to conceive in women




Here is a healthy chart one must follow.

Men                                                           Women

height      weight(kg’s)                       height               weight(kg’s)

5’4-5’6      62-67                                     5’1-5’3              50-55

5’7-5’9      70-75                                      5’4-5’6             57-62

5’10-6’0    77-82                                     5’7-5’9             65-70

6’1 -6’3    85-90                                     5’10-6              72-77

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