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These 4 things bring positive energy within you


Positive energy within us increases by meditating daily.Meditation keeps our mind in calm and peace.So when our mind is in peace, it just  shows the work and goals towards our life.


Games and exercise:

By keeping little of our day schedule for playing games, it gives energy to our body.         It keeps our mind fresh and active. It keeps us healthy, mentally and physically.As we keep our schedules for work,meeting,lunch,we must also keep some time for playing also.By playing and exercising, we can keep the negative energies away from us.



Music increases happiness within us.It also helps in keeping our mind in peace.We must also spend time in other good habits like music.It reduces mental fluctuations within us and increases positive energy.This energy takes us towards our goal of life.

Interest in literature shows positive energy within us.Stories,essays,writing poems, reading keeps us mentally  and physically active and creative always.

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