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These 7 right steps help you to raise your child as courageous woman

Stuffs  keep changing in the present world.Every woman tries to become complete woman.May it be at  home or in outside world.

But to bring equivalence in country’s economic and social life,the way we encouraging our girl child to grow up  has to changed.A woman who makes her family proud,also have the ability to make country feel proud.

This has been proven from early times and we also seeing in our daily life.Woman is got more patience,capability to mange multiple tasking,to look after family.She is the one,who brings happiness in home and in society.

It is difficult to imagine the life without women, may it be as a mother,as a wife or as a daughter.They are the one who brings laughter in life,they are the one who cares for other’s life.

So it is all in us, how we encourage her to grow in right direction as a courageous woman.

Hence, following are the  right steps to make her as a brave woman.

1. A girl is not only meant for kitchen. Encourage her to win in all the fields of life without anybody’s support.

2. Increase her confidence level from childhood itself.Teach them the values of life.

3. Don’t let her to always study and make her book worm.Instead, make
her to know about the happenings around the globe.

4.Instead, to make her as a complete woman, encourage her to become a courageous women.

5.Instead, to shout at her, when she does mistakes, bring the awareness about that mistake.

6. Fill courage in her to face the dangerous situation without anybody’s help when she is alone.

7. Make her to take the good and bad situations that happens in life in an equal tone. Because life is full of up’s and down’s.

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