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These ideas make your home to have ethnic gaze

Who doesn’t  wants their home to look fresh,elegant and beautiful?Every woman will be having some or the other idea to get the fresh ambience.

Here are the few ideas to make your home to have ethnic gaze with less expense.

1.Go for a good wall painting:

The colour of the wall shows the artistic taste of people living at home.Better go for colours  that suits for all season.Go for a light colours or for dark colours that matches with the flooring and roof of the home.

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2.Hanging analogue clock:

These clocks give  good elegance to the home.Good thing is to hang this analogue clocks in the front portion of your home.It is a good sign to welcome your guests.

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3. Thanjavur wall paintings:

Thanjavur wall paintings have been used by since, the ancient period.It is got its own importance and elegance.No more painting makes the wall  look so beautiful than Thanjavur painting .

It gets its own history. Thanjavur wall paintings are a classical South Indian painting style, which was inaugurated from the town of Thanjavur,Tamilnadu.

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4.Elegant settees:


Instead to go for sofas,choose settees that gives ethnic ambience to the home.If your wall is been painted in light colour go for dark colour cushions and vice versa.It is also easy to maintain in all seasons.Just is to wash the cushion covers and to remove the dust from settees.Get this from:

5.Delicate Lantern:


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Lantern now days become more common.Get the Moroccan style lamps,which makes the home look fresh during night times.It adds more grace to the home.

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6.Indoor plants:

Freshen up your home with indoor plants.It purifies the air and also gives good ambience to your home.It gives naturalise to the home and also also welcomes your guests with freshness.

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Follow the above and get the look.

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