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Vasundhara Mantri-the journey towards Vasundhara

Vasundhara mantri jewellery?who is not aware about..

Her collections reveals that the designs are so mesmerising and unique.

Vasundhara Mantri is one of the very few professional bench jewellers in Kolkata (India).

Hello Vasundhara,Welcome to

Hello Chittara!

Warm greetings from Vasundhara.

Thank you for your kind words.

1.Tell us more about the brand ‘Vasundhara’?

Vasundhara has experimented with textured metals to create an entire different assortment of jewellery. The collection incorporates the usage of enamel, and meshes made of pearls & other coloured stones and chains.

The rings are mostly fancy cocktail rings. Funky pendants employ unusual stones and settings.

The bracelets are usually chunky. The designer makes Jewellery by order too, according to individual client needs.

The combination of plain metal and silver with semi-precious colored stones are set in different designs and styles, each ornament a pleasure to wear,which adds joy to every occasion.

The impeccable setting and detailed craftsmanship reflected in each piece enhances the beauty of the collection.

Each piece is painstakingly designed to capture the mood & spirit of the occasion.
2. Do you enjoy working in this platform?

Started this brand out of my passion for creativity. Yes, I really enjoy working in this platform.
3. What are your future plans?

We aim of exhibiting our jewellery at top Fashion Weeks and supply our product to top Boutiques in The World.

Thanks Vasundhara for your kind reply.Best wishes for your future plans.

You can reach Vasundhara at this link

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