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vertical gardening for your home

Usually people have slot problems around their home.As cities growing space around the homes also becoming less. There will be very less space for gardening around home in cities.

So the best solution for this is to go for vertical gardening or vertical planting

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vertical gardening-the life inspire

We can do this vertical gardening in balconies,corners of our living room and dining that we can create indoor garden in our home.

Like this kind of single flower hanging pot changes the environment of the entire home.It makes the home refreshing.

For this, all we have to do is to create a planned vertical garden inside our home. If there is an indoor vertical garden inside the home,it changes the ambience of home.. And if there is no space inside and outside of home it is best to give importance to vertical garden.

And also can go for hanging garden,if there is no space inside and outside the home.

Hanging garden reduces the space needed and also reduces the cost to create a garden. If the hanging pots are properly placed it reduces the insects from attacking plants.

Choosing proper place:

You have to decide where the vertical garden has to be done.It has to be done carefully,because sunlight is required for plants to grow healthily.

So its better to do vertical garden in balconies or in portico. If your home is duplex, you can can hang it uprights on staircases. And you can also hang the pots with plants in ceilings.

But always make sure pots are reachable  for watering and also make sure wasted water does not fall on floor.[image credit]