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Why this is most needed for your health?

Everybody likes popcorn.It easy to prepare this,which is done by maize.Its very tasty to eat.But as popcorn contains salt in large quantity,it better to have it in limited quantity.So best alternate for popcorn is to have maize directly.

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So here are 5 health benefits from corn(maize)

1.Many people get into health trouble due to indigestion.But as maize contains large amount of fibre content,it helps in proper digestion.As digestion takes place properly inside our body,its avoids constipation and other health diseases.


2.As maize contains large amount of iron,magnesium,it helps in building the bones strong.It also helps kidney to work properly.


3.As maize contains anti oxidants in large content,It acts as an anti ageing food.It reduces wrinkles from the skin.It also avoids skin allergies,red rashes.


4.Maize contains vitamin’B’  and folic acid.It increases blood content in the body.

If bad cholesterol contains in the body,it increases body weight.So if we need good cholesterol,we need to intake maize in large quantity.


5.Pregnant women consuming maize ,increase the folic acid content in their body.Lack of folic acid  in pregnant women,causes high blood pressure,swelling in legs.

It may also lead to give birth to a baby with less weight. So its better to consume maize during pregnancy for the better health of mother and baby.

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