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Why women need 20 minutes extra sleep than men?

Why women need 20 minutes extra sleep than men?

Every human need at least 6 to 8 hours sleep everyday.

But the research says women need more sleep than this.Women are known for their multitasking work.Their minds run according to their multitasking work.So they need more sleep than men.

1.From preparing breakfast to night till sleep, so many things runs in her mind.If she is a working woman, there will be still more things which revolves around her.

So to maintain all these she  needs so much energy and rest.These are all like extra work for brain.These extra work gives more stress and tiredness to mind.So for all these purpose women need more sleep.

2.Scientists of Loughborough university, London had made researches in sleep.They have discovered that, every human being need sleep according to how much they have utilised their mind all the day.And it is very much necessary.

3.And writer of this research Pro jim Horn also said  ‘Women will be healthy and active only if she gets more sufficient sleep’.

A man needs 6 to 8 hours sleep everyday.A woman need 20 minutes extra sleep than man. By this mind will be active throughout the day. Just 20 minutes extra sleep gives  good health and more energy to women.This is proved by the research.

So ladies keep alarm for  20 extra minutes from today!!!

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