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Yummy Diwali rice balls

Its nice to celebrate diwali with crackers…and also taste this yummy rice balls which can be prepared easily…

Its a famous south indian dish..the flavour of jaggery,coconut,ghee you get from this is so tasty…

just try it out

rice flour 1 cup
water 1(1/2) cup
little salt
jaggery half cup
grated coconut 1 cup
ghee 4 spoon
cardamom powder 1 spoon

keep a vessel on stove.add water.let it boil …when it is boiled add rice flour…and stir properly…make sure knots are not formed….let the flour boiled properly..

You can takeout the vessel now and put this flour mixture on some plate…let it cool..

Now add grated coconut  and cardamom powder to this flour…

Make this flour mixture like chapati dough..make a vowel shapes(of what size you need) and keep aside.

Now keep cooker on stove…add 2 cups of water to it…keep a ring on this water…keep the balls which are made from flour mixture in a plate on this ring..make sure rice balls are kept properly…let it boil properly…wait for 15 min..

Take away the vessel now.

serve hot with jaggery and ghee… as shown in picture